(Horror, Action, FPS)

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InfeStation is an action horror game where the player must escape a space station overrun with hostile alien creatures.

Carefully make your way through the Starbright 12 while uncovering the fates of your crewmembers.

Sneak, blast, and complete puzzles until you make it out alive... or die trying.





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Development Phase 2:

Sabrina Black - Narrative Designer, Associate Producer
Kaleb Brown - UI / UX Designer
Carlos Garrido - Design Director, Level Designer
Alexander Weiss - Build Master, Audio Programmer
Harrison Neiyer - Producer, Programmer
Osprey Varboncoeur - Technical Director, Programmer
Bruce McCubbin - Creative Director, Level Designer
K Preston - Audio Director, Audio Designer, Audio Programmer
David Saulnier - Level Designer
Austin Zhu - AI Programmer
Maximiliaan van Ginneken - Audio Designer

Development Phase 1:

Brillan Morgan
Dongho Lee
Frank Bartkus
Jinhyun Choi
Julian Palomaria
Mahin Goban
Raj Saini

Special Thanks To:

Jonathan Larson - Silas VA
Evelyn Cullen - Player VA

Team Image Left to right: Alexander Weiss, Kaleb Brown, Maximiliaan van Ginneken, David Saulnier, K Preston, Quasar, Sabrina Black, Osprey Varboncoeur, Harrison Neiyer, Carlos Garrido, Austin Zhu, Bruce McCubbin

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