Cats N Critters Style Sample

(Orchestral, Fantasy, Cinematic)
Instruments: Orchestra

This is the first sketch of the musical style for the upcoming dungeon-crawling party game Cats N Critters.

Music Pillars

Bordering the Theater of the Mind

The music dances between a small, cute ensemble style and a dramatic full orchestral fantasy style.

Smaller Than Life, Larger Than Life

Little moments feel big, big things feel little. Dramatic, but cute.

Bridging Bygone Eras

The style spans Baroque (circa 1700) and Romantic (circa 1850) genres, avoiding both Classical and beyond 1930.

Stay Awhile and Listen

The game’s sound invites new players and captivates them with twists and turns of continuous variation.

Thematic Guidelines

Core Style Elements (The “Do”s)

  • Arpeggios
  • Triple and compound meters
  • Mixolydian and Dorian modes
  • Minor V, flat VI, flat VII, flat II
  • Major keys with meandering into parallel minor

Conflicting Elements (The “Don’t”s)

  • Backbeat rhythms
  • Overuse of percussion
  • Synthesizers
  • Four-on-the-floor grooves
  • Latin
  • Blues scale


Small Ensemble

All instruments are to be live recordings, not software.


Use live recordings when possible, some software instruments acceptable.